Gary's Platform

Community service means service to the community, but the current crop of County Commissioners have betrayed the trust of Boulder County citizens.  They have wasted your money, stood in the way of necessary change, and have repeatedly been sued and lost in court. Elect Gary Cooper as the next Boulder County Commissioner to address these problems.

After failing to get a bond approved for roadwork, and rather than appropriate existing funds to make repairs, the commissioners retaliated by illegally placing a lien on every property in unincorporated subdivisions in Boulder County.  Just in time for Christmas, owners discovered new liens up to $20,000 on their homes! THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Gary will fight to get our roads repaired by redirecting funds that don’t make sense where they’re currently used.  Boulder County Government has the money -- the commissioners are simply using it to buy up property in other counties.


Our Boulder County Commissioners are guilty of bait-and-switch when it comes to our county’s farmers.  Some of our local family farms were sold into open space, with an implied perpetual leaseback so that farmers could continue working the land.  But the commissioners, as landlords, changed the rules; they dictated that state-of-the art agriculture is not allowed on any land owned by the county.  Former traditional techniques are worse for the environment and put our farmers at an unfair economic disadvantage. But our commissioners don’t care. THAT'S NOT FAIR!


Gary will work to protect our farmers and preserve their ability to compete in the marketplace. Regulations based on junk science cannot be used to force farmers off the land they’ve worked. Agriculture must be maintained as a vibrant part of Boulder County’s economy.


A friend of mine had side by side three parcels with her home on one lot. The goal was to have her two
daughters and the grandchildren build a home on each of the other lots. When they applied for building
permits they were told that the commissioners had made the two vacant lots into one lot by removing
the lot line. My 92-year-old friend’s dream of having her family living together was destroyed by the
illegal taking by the county commissioners. This has happened to hundreds of other Boulder County
property owner. THAT’S NOT FAIR.

Gary will work to stop this practice and to restore all lot lines to protect the legacy of our citizens.


The commissioners have allowed the county to pick favorites in the mountain areas.  Some homeowners are still suffering after the 2013 floods and the county has slow-rolled the permits for repairs.  Families taking emergency action to protect their property incurred legal fees when the county objected. In addition, the county has now established arbitrary restrictions on square footage and whether you can have a garage with your house. THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Once elected as Boulder County Commissioner, Gary Cooper will work to protect the citizens’ property rights in the mountain communities, and all throughout the county.


Our commissioners can celebrate stewardship of our open space lands as another failure.  They understand how to purchase it, but not how to manage it. We’ve witnessed the degradation of unused farmland, now overrun with weeds.  As outdoor enthusiasts, we’re frustrated that open space isn’t open for public use. Instead, we see more and more traffic crammed into shrinking open BCOS systems. THAT'S NOT FAIR!

Gary will work to ensure our open space is managed properly.


Repeated warnings about the state of our county jail have been ignored by these current commissioners.  We have dangerous overcrowding, and there has been serious deterioration of the physical structure. The commissioners are inviting a lawsuit by ignoring the needs of the county jail. AND THAT'S NOT FAIR!


When elected, Gary Cooper will push to get the jail updated and upgraded.  Let’s not wait to be like Denver County, who’s been successfully sued for millions of dollars after similar issues led to injuries to inmates.

Paid for by  Gary Cooper for Boulder County Commissioner.